• Finnish sauna (90oC)
  • Aroma sauna (75-80oC)
  • Aromacabin (30-40oC)
  • Steam cabin (40-60oC)
  • Infrared sauna (50-60oC)

Why buy a sauna, how to get a sauna?

The sauna is known to have a beneficial effect on the body. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the skin. However, when using it, it is worth devoting enough time to the sauna itself and the subsequent relaxation.


Finnish sauna

Thanks to its low humidity, it relaxes your body after a streeful day. It is recommended for use with a cold water immersion pool and sauna sheets.
•    90 °C
•    Low humudity
•    It is open daily from 8am-9.30pm
aroma sauna

It operates at a lower temperature than the Finnish sauna and complements its beneficial physiological effects with other effects provided by fragrant aromas.
•    75 - 80 °C
•    Low humudity
•    It is open daily from 8am-9.30pm
A cabin that refreshes not only the body but also the soul in the area of wellness.
It has a good essential oils, which, when evaporated into the air, inhaled and penetrated through the pores of the skin, provide relaxation to the body and soul.

When inhaled, certain essential oils help the breathing regenerate, facilitate breathing and soothe the body. Recommended for all ages.

There is no fixed period of time to use the aroma cabin, so stay tuned and rest.
steam cabin
Its high humidity but lower temperature is relaxing, stress relieving. It is also great for treating respiratory illnesses such as sore throat, cough, colds that occur in winter, but can also relieve rheumatic complaints.
infrared sauna
Due to its low temperature it should be used for people with health problems (high blood pressure).
•    55 - 75 °C
•    Low humudity (6-15 %)
•    Stay: 1-2 times / day
•    Time in cabin: 45-60 minutes
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