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Kenese Bay Garden Resort & Conference
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Out in the open again

Active recreation, excursions, sports fields, miniature golf on the shore of Lake Balaton!


Leap year action

We expect a fantastic discount on February 29, 2020 for the leap year. Along with the reservation made on the last day of February, raising the age limit for our child discount is a gift.


Events at Lake Balaton

Kenese Bay Garden Resort & Conference Balatonkenese

Kenese Bay Garden Resort & Conference

Only one hour's drive from Budapest can be found our hotel directly on the shore of Lake Balaton surrounded by a three-acre landscaped area. The hotel offers a unique experience: an impressive venue due to its own lake access with a beach, with excellent cuisine and service to create a truly memorable experience. It is an ideal venue for your business, leisure and sports.

We offer conference facilities and many services for business meetings and seminars, professional events, trainings and team building events. For leisure time we provide recreational activities, wellness services and own private beach in summer for those who would like to relax. 

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