Balatonkenese is located in the north-eastern corner of Lake Balaton, in the Kenese Mountains, where you can see the entire eastern pool of Lake Balaton and the Tihany Peninsula, and the weather is spectacular in all seasons.

The country house of Balatonkenese has the characteristics of folk construction. The building continues to consist of natural stone pedestals, clay and burnt bricks.



  • Blue Ribbon:
    The Blue Ribbon Sailing Competition has been held since July 27, 1934 and is now held annually. The first buoy of Europe's oldest and longest pond race is in Balatonkenese, just below the shore, 500 meters from the pier. The beginning of sailing on Lake Balaton is also connected to the Balatonfüred-Balatonkenese distance. On March 29, 1847, István Széchenyi also launched the Kisfaludy steamboat on this line.
  • Bicycle rute:
    There is a 200 km long bicycle path around Lake Balaton that runs through the city. In our hotel you can rent a bicycle, even with a child seat. This allows our guests to explore the area by bicycle. 500 meters from the hotel, kids will find an exciting Bringa Park where they can test their cycling skills on a learning and adventure track.
  • Cruise:
    It is connected by regular ferry connections with Siófok and Balatonalmadi, among others.

  • Water World Kenese Water Adventure Park:
    It is about 500 meters from our hotel with a water adventure park consisting of more than 70 adventure elements in an area of ​​almost 1200m2. Wherever you are in the water, trampoline, target, snake, water slide and many more fun articles, you will be able to move, relax, entertain and recharge.

  • Culinary experiences outside the hotel:
    You can taste unique cakes and special biscuits at Katica Bakery in Balatonkenese. You can buy only Hungarian handicraft products and taste goose salami, gourmet goat cheese with wild onion, South Italian coffee, lavender syrup and the like at Pörc Magyar-Delika.


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