Program options in the area

Program options in the area

Attractions in the area


Soos Hill:

  • Standing on Kenese's High Shore, the observation tower on Soós-hegy is accessible via the Tátorján Study Trail, leaving from the village's community center. As it has been erected on the highest point of the loess wall, the tower offers a beautiful view of the eastern basin of Balaton. The hill named after poet János Soós is adorned with a memorial obelisk featuring a melancholy citation from Soós.
  • From the Tourinform office you can reach the T-route through the study path called Tator, one of the symbols of the city.

Balatonakarattya high shore:

  • In the immediate vicinity of Highway 71, you will enjoy a spectacular view of the High Coast. From 50-60 meters you can see the Kenese coast, the Fűzfő bay, Almádi, Káptalanfüred, the Aligai, the lofty highlands and the hotels of Siófok.

Bob Balaton Leisure Park Balatonfűzfő:

  • The Balaton bobsleigh track is 10 km from Balatonkenese, on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, in one of the most beautiful forest areas of Balatonfűzfő, ~ 500 meters from the city center. The track is a popular year-round hiking destination for families, groups and tourists. The highest point of the 20,000 m² building overlooks Lake Balaton. In addition to the course, Serpa Adventure Park and Paintball are also set up.


  • The city of queenc is set in the hills and valleys of a brook Sed, at the confluence of three small areas.
  • Typical programs:
    • Veszprém is a festival town from spring to autumn in the traditional tourist season. The first Hungarian queen, Gizella Name Day, is associated with the Gizella Days, and then the summer events come with lots of music, outdoor concerts, Street Music Festival, organ concerts, music courtyards, international choir competition, brass music festival and guest musician.
    • An international event for children and the "eternal children" festival, the multi-day puppet festival. The summer program is the National Folk Art Fair. The dance festival is a joint celebration of movement and music. The city has three theaters, museums, exhibitions and galleries open all year round, proving that Veszprém is not only a city of queens but also a city of arts.


  • Balatonfüred is the "capital of the northern shore of Lake Balaton", a major marina. Its proximity to Lake Balaton is mainly due to its carbonated springs and its Mediterranean climate. Its appeal lies in its beautiful location, the healing effects of its carbonated springs, and the succulent, good wines of the highlands.
  • Typical programs:
    • Jókai Days and Bean Soup Competition
    • Fish and Wine Festival at Lake Balaton
    • Blue Ribbon Sailing Competition
    • Balatonfüred Art Festival
    • Anna's Ball and Accompaniment
    • wine Weeks
    • Salvatore Quasimodo International Poetry Competition
  • Places to visit:
    • Significant protected value is the 10 hectare park called "Kiserdő". Also called the city lungs
    • Lóczy Cave: At the end of Öreghegyi Street, a green lane from the train station leads to the cave.
    • Jókai Lookout Tower: From the Lóczy Cave there is a marked hiking trail leading to the wooden 3-storey Jókai Lookout Tower on Tamás Hill, which offers wonderful views of Lake Balaton, Balatonfüred and the Tihany Peninsula.
    • Koloska Valley: From the lookout point you can reach the beautiful Koloska Valley and the Koloska rocks.


  • It covers 17 kilometers from the southern shore of Lake Balaton. The city is exciting, interesting and colorful.
  • Typical programs:
    • Spring Festival
    • Balaton season opener
    • Shell Folklore Festival
    • Sió-Miss Balaton Beauty Competition
    • Celebration of Wine and Bread
    • International Egg Festival
    • Siófok City Day
    • Mineral Museum: Hungary's largest and most beautiful private collection has been on display since June 1986 in the center of Siófok, under the Kálmán Promenade. The state-protected collection created by Lajos Kövecses-Varga can admire about 3,000 minerals.
    • Egg Museum: The Egg Art Exhibition opened at the Lake Balaton Cultural Center in October 2003, featuring a variety of decorative eggs that explore not only rich.
  • Sights:
    • Siófok harbor: The biggest boat traffic here is on Lake Balaton, and there are also regular boats. The park in front of the harbor houses the monument erected for the 100th, 125th and 150th anniversary of the Balaton steamboat. At the northern edge is the statue of mermaid Vilt Tibor Balaton. In the park next to it is the Rose Garden, the old landmark of Siófok. The purpose of the traditional Balaton crossing competitions is also here, so in 1997 the town of Siófok erected a limestone statue in memory of the first Balaton crossing place, Kálmán Szekrényessy. Walking further in the park you can see the statue of József Somogyi Fishermen (1971) and, far from Tamás Varga, the statue of Karinthy (1997).
    • Meteorological Observatory: At the western pier there is the marina and one of the city's typical buildings, the Meteorological Observatory, which gives the first signal of the storm around the whole Lake Balaton.
    • Villa ThanHoffer: Located in the center of Petofi promenade, the Thanhoffer Villa, which currently has a public library.
    • Water Tower: In the center of Siófok, on the Freedom Square, the 45 m Water Tower is a typical building of the town.
    • Parish Church: Among the public buildings of Siófok stands the Neo-Romanian Parish Church, which was built in 1903. The largest organ in the whole Balaton region can be found in the church.
    • Lutheran Church: This four-gate, upward-facing, 120-seat, 80-percent wooden structure is not only the city's most beautiful and state-of-the-art Lutheran church.

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